LavenderPut a few drops of Lavender oil in the bathtub and what do you have? A little recipe for relaxation! According to the Reference Guide for Essential Oils (Higby), lavender has been traditionally been known to balance the body and to work wherever there is a need. Delightful lavender has a lot more uses than the bathtub though, the following list is pretty amazing.

Lavender may help arthritis, asthma, balancing body systems, boils, bronchitis, bruises, carbuncles, cold sores, convulstions, depression, earaches, fainting, gall stones, hay fever, relievve headaches, heart (irregularity), reduce high blood pressure, hives, hysteria, insect bites and bee stings, infection, influenza, injuries, laryngitis, migraine headaches, mouth abscess, reduce mucus, nervous tension, pineal gland (activates it), respiratory function, rheumatism, skin conditions, sprains, stress, sunburns, sunstroke, tension, throat infections, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, whooping cough, and wounds.

Perhaps one day Lavender will bring us Peace on Earth.

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