Marathon SignHere in Massachusetts it’s nearly time for our epoch race: the Boston Marathon. I have recently been working on runners training for the marathon. I really admire people who can sustain the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of training and completing a marathon.

Massage is one of the best ways for a runner to take care of her body. At this stage of training, training has ramped up and people are in their peak condition. Runners are running a very long run once a week to get ready and maybe running 40-50 miles in general a week to keep those muscles in shape. A regular massage during training has many benefits including enhancing range of motions (ROM), increasing flexibility, decreasing soreness (particularly DOMS), decreasing recovery time, with the added psychological benefits of being deeply relaxing and restful to the mind.

The marathon runners here train year round and the weather on race day often has a huge effect the outcome of the race. The race, of course, is on Patriot’s Day (a holiday that I am pretty sure just exists here), which is always the Monday closest to The 18th of April and the date of Paul Revere’s legend ride. Last year Marathon Monday was terrible. It was a Nor’ Easter some compared to a typhoon, with a 40 mph wind. Now, even if you have trained through a winter of snow and ice dealing with conditions like that is still quite difficult. Many, many of the folks who set out do run did not finish and some did not even show up to run.

Getting a number for the marathon can be done a few different ways. Some runners qualify with fast times from other marathons or 1/2 marathons, others will raise funds for charity which gives them the number as an incentive. I have heard that some runners raise $10K to get that magic number which lets them run the marathon, what a wonderful opportunity for the charitable organizations which provide these numbers.

One runner I know is having a 20 mile practice run next week and will begin tapering back her miles, getting ready to rest up for the big race. I wish all of these women well as they train so hard and get ready to follow their dreams. I wish them better weather than last year and a little bit of sunshine and an easy wind.