Have you ever planned a Wedding? I believe it’s an experience that can be a lot of fun, if you have a lot of people helping (as long as nobody’s too pushy). People who want to help the happy couple with the planning are usually their parents or the Wedding Party. If it’s a second marriage and there are kids, the kids can help with the small details.

There are also great online resources, sites like WeddingManor can provide a range of ideas as well as quick links to get a stuck Wedding-planner rolling again.

A fun way to get everyone in on the Wedding planning and helping is to have a small get-together making Wedding favors. Traditionally, favors are given out at the reception after the Wedding Ceremony as a small gesture to thank guests for coming. I have included directions to make some easy favors below using essential oils. Essential oils can be used to personalize the favor depending on the feeling the couple wants to present. Scent is our most emotional sense and by having a scented favor the spirit of romance, chivalry, or adventure may be invoked.

Let me offer a couple of examples explaining how scent can add to the impact of the event. For example, if vows are exchanged at the Church, it is Tradition to throw something (small, like rice) at the couple for luck as they head to their limo or away from the Church. In recent years people have moved towards throwing things which are either edible for birds or easily cleaned up and biodegradable. If bird seed is being thrown, it could easily be scented with Rose Oil (a classic romantic scent invoking the emotions of “True Love”.)

Nowadays, people like to have control over the tiniest details of their Reception dinners, as well they should because these events take a lot of planning and a lot of cash, so often Reception dinners are themed. Popular themes these days are to invoke a European feel, a Tuscan or Provence dinner, or to have a party themed to go with an exotic or island Honeymoon trip. The favors could match the theme: a favor bag filled with bath salts scented with lavender and lemon for Tuscany or Provence (perhaps more heavy on the lavender for Provence), scented with Lemon Grass or Coconut to evoke the exotic, or simply scented with Rose for relaxation and romance. It’s up to the bride or groom to determine the feeling they’d like to share with guests, the memory of the day they would like to have linger on in memory.

A personalized scent is also very special because in the future perhaps Rose or Lavender will always remind the newly married of their special Wedding day shared with friends and family.

Easy Favor Ideas to Make Together

Romantic Bath Favor

Ingredients and Supplies:
Little Plastic Favor Bags (I used Wilton, sold per 100) sold at craft stores
Sterilized Metal or Plastic Bowl
Sterilized Metal or Plastic Spoon
About 16 Pounds Baking Soda-mixed in even 2 cup measures
About 12 Pounds of Epsom Salts-mixed in even 2 cup measures
1 Bottle of Rose Essential Oil, 5 ml
Thin Ribbon
Friendly Note of Thanks (optional)
Hole Punch (I used a heart shape last time)


For each 100 favors, you will use approximately 14 pounds of mixture. Combine baking soda and epsom salts in a clean bowl. Combine them. Add 2-4 drops of Rose essential oil at a time, as you mix. You may want to add more, depending on your preferences.

Scoop out 2 spoonfuls of mixture onto each plastic bag, tie with twist tie. Tie the bag with a ribbon, attaching a note if you like with the sentiment you’d like to convey, “Thanks for Being Part of Our Wedding! Clara and Michael Sept. 20, 2007” and punching a hole through the note and tying it with the ribbon.

These would also be beautiful in a wicker basket on the gift table or cake table.

Variations on the above theme:

Exotic Wedding Use Purification Oil from Young Living (has a lovely lemongrass scent)
Tuscan Wedding Use Lavender and Lemon Oil
Medieval Wedding Use Thieves Oil (Clove and Cinnamon)
80 Tulle Circles -sold in the Wedding aisle of any craft or fabric store-to wrap around the plastic bags, if you prefer.