As the spring sports season approaches, I am happy to share a couple of tips I learned recently about dealing with one of the most common foot problems: Stinky Feet.

I have a friend who took her son and his friends home after a soccer game last year and said that the car was “unbearable” because of the smell of the boys’ stinky feet. She had to roll down all the windows so she didn’t keel over while driving!

A couple of quick and easy aromatherapy fixes for stinky feet: Pine Essential Oil and Sage Essential Oil. The oils may be mixed with baking soda and put in sneakers or cleats to deodorize them. They may also be mixed with a pure carrier oil (such as Young Living’s V-6 Massage Oil) and rubbed into the feet in the morning or after a shower or bath.

The Pine or Sage Oil mixed with baking soda may also be useful on the mats of the stinky car to absorb the odor, after setting in the car for at least 15 minutes the deodorizing mixture may be vacuumed out, leaving the car with a purified, fresh scent.

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