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Yes, I sent in my registration fee, met the requirements and now I have all of the benefits of membership. The AMTA, is the American Massage Therapy Association, the largest insurer of massage therapists in the country.

The AMTA provides liability coverage and credentials, business building tips, and networking opportunities. In my membership kit yesterday I received a welcome letter, membership card, a certificate which says I’m a member in good standing, and a copy of the Code of Ethics for the American Massage Therapy Association.

I look forward to exploring the benefits of the membership in coming weeks and will post any interesting happenings as they occur.

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Cortiva Institute – Boston will be holding special fibromyalgia clinics that will offer 90 minute massage therapy sessions at the cost of $50 per session. Each session will include and intake/ exit interview and students will conduct a follow-up telephone interview 1-2 days later to obtain feedback on the treatment.

In order to qualify for these clinics, each client must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a clinical (doctor’s) diagnosis of fibromyalgia
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not pregnant or currently undergoing cancer treatments
  • Do not have any pending litigation or insurance claims
  • Be able to dress/undress themselves
  • Can get on and off the table without assistance

The fibromyalgia sessions will take place September 8th and 15th. To make an appointment, please contact the Welcome Center at 617-668-1000.

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The New England American Massage Therapy Association held their annual conference last weekend in Marlborough, Massachusetts. I took a run up 495 and spent some time in the exhibit hall on Saturday.

There were folks selling oil and cream, jewelry, music, massage tables and chairs, The Upledger Institute was there, an Ashiatsu school featured a demonstration, and there were more activities and demonstrators. The exhibit hall was very narrow so it was very crowded.

The two exhibitors which really got my attention were Mother Earth Pillows, based in Arnold, Missouri and Peace Through Music, based in Bellingham, Washington.

Mother Earth Pillows was started by Karen Kowal, a registered nurse and LMT, in 1995. Her company features Herbal Flax pillows, which may be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer depending on the need of the user. The pillows are available unscented or enhanced with herbal blends including “Breathe,” featuring eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, anise, and clove. Other proprietary blends include “Comfort,” with lavender and rosemary; “Relieve,” with lavender lemon balm and peppermint; and “Soothe” featuring lavender, marjoram, and clove.

Pillows are offered in all shapes and sizes for body work. Karen Kowal had her table out and was doing demonstrations with the Body Wrap pillow, which measures 6″ by 25″ and when heated is fine for doing leg, back and scapula work since is conforms to the body and can heat the body of the muscle to it’s attachment sites. Mother Earth Pillows offers Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillows in two sizes, large (for healthy folks) and small (for children and elders); eye pillows, heartbeat (chest pillows in two sizes), WARMitts and WARMbooties to warm the hands and feet. The pillows are also available unscented.

The company also offers Buckwheat Hull Pillows which support and stay cool. These are available in 3 shapes: bed pillows, cylinder (for neck support) and a “GO” pillow for travel.

I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with Dudley Evenson of Peace Through Music. She and her husband Dean Evenson produce healing music which Dean designs with a specific healing goal in mind. I was attracted to their table because there was a picture of Dean with the Dali Lama–what greater endorsement for peaceful music than the Dali Lama?? Dean has been producing this healing music since 1979.

Offerings from Peace Through Music are as diverse as “Eagle River,” “Healing Water,” “Sound Healing,” “Dreamstreams,” “Forest Rain,” “Healing Sanctuary,” “Ascention to Tibet,” “Ocean Dreams,” “Desert Moon Song,” and “Peaceful Path.” I purchased “Ocean Dreams,” which offers ocean waves and rhythms of the Earth. The liner notes state, “Soothing music invokes a mood of peace, bringing the body into balance and at the same time, harmonizing the emotions.”

I’ve enjoyed the very relaxing “Ocean Dreams” and will look forward to checking out other CDs by Peace Through Music and using them with massage therapy clients and at home.


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